YOur storng rail partner 

The advantages of our rail freight transport: 

•     Best value for money  

•      Cheaper than air and faster than sea transport 

•      Stable freight rates 

•      Environmentally-friendly transport alternative 

•      Fast, flexible and reliable transport of goods  

Our rail freight transport service offers you an easy solution for both your FCL and LCL freight transport between China and Germany. With its continuous rail network between China and Hamburg or Duisburg, the Trans-Eurasia-Express opens up many new possibilities for making freight transport even more efficient. Regular departures and stable freight rates guarantee future-oriented security and reliability. The access to logistical hubs in inland China, on the other hand, allows a smooth and fast transfer of your goods. 


If your goods are to be transported reliably, but also cost-effectively, our range of train services is just right for you! With its low costs and fast transit times, rail freight transport offers you decisive advantages over air and sea freight. The independence from fuel makes rail transport environmentally friendly and minimizes the ecological footprint of your products. 


Overview of transit times (China-Germany):

• Transport by rail 14-19 days 

• Sea freight transport 28-35 days